In our philosophy, the concept of riding a bike at any level is synonymous with fun and wellbeing.

Being well on a bike is crucial, too often a bike ride is likely to become a pain due to incorrect positioning or a frame that is not suitable for your measurements.

For Those who use the bike intensively there are also risks at the articular, vertebral and cervical level.

For These reasons we decided to invest in one of the most sophisticated equipment for the bike fitting, in order to offer to our clientele a service of excellence. , leader in this field, is a system that integrates sophisticated software, with 4 cameras that take every detail of the movement, a precise method of detecting anthropometric measurements, the choice of the right saddle and the millimetric positioning of the cleats.  These are the parameters that will lead you to enjoy the bike at 360 °.

The whole, managed by the extraordinary capacities of our biomechanical Francesco Acco, graduating in Motor and Sports Sciences, can also create personalized training programs for those looking for maximum performance.

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